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What are Keywords

What Are Keywords and types of keywords

What Are Keywords:

Keywords are words or phrases that define what is your topic about. All those words or phrases that we enter into the search engine that is called “Search Query”.

Now, you think  “Why are Keywords important in SEO?”

Here I am going to tell you about it.

Why Are Keywords Important in SEO?

They help to boost up page and get more organic traffic from search engines for a particular topic.

They are used by search engines to find the particular topics over the internet that can show on search engine result page.

When you search queries into search engine box and get a lot of results on relevant to your keywords. It is meant to many websites have used the same keywords what you have entered into search engine box.

Keywords are stored into search engine database for websites when you search queries it finds the websites matching your keywords from search engine database.

Type of Keywords:

There are many keywords derived from different strategies but don’t be confused about them here I will tell you about 3 types of keywords which are commonly used in. Further, you may drive a lot of keywords as per your choice.

1. Generic Keywords:

Generic Keywords tend to attract new customers and reach people looking to buy not necessarily from you.

Strategy: Higher cost per sale

what are keywords

2. Branding Keywords

Branding Keywords tend to connect you with returning customers and show an ad for searches containing your brand name

Strategy: Higher average and position and impression share.

3. Long Tail Keywords:

Long Tail Keywords are the specific combination of several terms which are used to broad reaching.

If you target singular keywords to be specific goal then need to know they have high search volume as well as very tough competition.

What Are Keywords

On the basis of tough competition, singular keywords can be tough to rank. If someone is searching for “books”, you won’t able to know what they exactly looking for books list, books prize, or information about books.

Long Tail Keywords have clearly meaning. For example: “best prize of marketing book “, or “best book for marketing”.

Strategy: Long tail keywords have less competition, with room for a smaller site to break in and make their mark on the SERPs.


You just covered this topic. Now It’s time to move in how niche topic will find out using google keyword planner. Here I am going to tell you how to use the most popular Google Keyword Planner.


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