Mobycy-App Based Bicycle sharing service launched

Mobycy-App Based Bicycle sharing service launched

Bicycle sharing app launched in Guru-gram (Gurgaon)

It is a great Initiative taken by the Startup based in Guru-gram on account of pollution and congestion on roads. Also developing contamination and activity hazard over the nation is influencing individuals.

Hence it is compelling people to search for exchange methods of transport. With the plan to fathom the same, Akash Gupta and Rashi Agarwal have propelled Mobycy – India’s first dock less bike sharing application.

The application fundamentally gives clients to find a brilliant bicycle in their region. A chance to open it by means of QR Code and drive shorter separations.

How to use Mobycy App?

Intrigued clients can join on the Mobycy application with Aadhaar recognisable proof and a completely refundable security store of Rs 999. Refundable security deposit is Rs 499. Starting with its activities in Delhi/NCR areas, Mobycy plans to soon scale up to 12 more urban communities in next a half year and 20 key urban communities inside a year.

Mobycy constitutes of 5000 Smart Bikes, which are empowered with IoT locks and GPS. Subsequently, it can without docks or stations for stopping. Clients can simply download the Mobycy application, discover the bicycles in the region. Furthermore, open the bicycles with QR Codes and upon finish, stop the bicycles securely in the region – with the main exemption of gated group, private mixes and so forth.

Taking into account at the enormous issue of last mile availability in India, the startup additionally plans to enable clients to drive their last mile separation of 3-6 kilometres with their whenever, anyplace accessible bikes.

Mobycy is accessible on Android and Play store for starting sneak peak, only a couple of days before the administration dispatch.

Interestingly, the launch of Mobycy comes days after Ola introduced its bicycle-sharing offering ‘Ola Pedal’. It has launched itself in IIT Kanpur as a pilot deploying 600 bicycles across the campus. Also, it will soon be extending this to other large campuses, business parks and public areas.

Similar Service running in India

Mobike is one of them, it is one of the biggest and exclusive smart bike-sharing platforms in the world. It’s a China-based startup and gets its funding from investors.

Mobike has recently pedalled its way to Pune on Thursday. For Mobike India will be the 17th country to stretch its operation.

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