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Importance of Market Research

How to do the Market Research for your Business?

Is it really important to do any kind of research while starting anything? Yes, it is.

Whenever we start a business, we plan lot of things to give a boost to the business, but the crucial thing is why it is necessary to do the Market Research?.

Currently the world population is 7.6 billion which implies 7.6 billion different minds. That is why it is important to narrow your audience and deliver the quality product. So here we will provide you with different platforms to do your research when starting your business.

5 useful ways of Researching

Google Trends

Google trends provides you with information which is trending. It can also tell you about what is trending in a specific area and in a specific country.

Hence giving you an insight to what has been in fashion previously or at present. Therefore helping you in doing your research.

Google Analytics

It is a very useful tool in doing the Market Research. Google analytics gives you information about the visitors like where are they coming from, how long are they staying on your website, Bounce rate etc.

Customer Feedback

This is one of the vital ways to keep your business running. Business is all about satisfying the need of the customer. So it becomes a responsibility to understand what the customer actually wants. This is also known as Relationship marketing.

We need to understand that whenever we get a complaint it not just bothers him but many like him.

Always remember it is easy to get new customers but more difficult to retain them. So communicate with them, call them regularly, provide feedback forms etc.

Collecting and Documenting Data

After you have had all the feedback from the customer, you need to document all the data to do your analysis.

Now this data will provide you with a knowledge to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis for your business.

Analyse and Act

As the saying goes “you cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water”. So if you have the data, analyse and act.

All the data is useless until you take any action upon it.


From all the above points we can conclude that Market research is a constant process. The more you do the Market Research, the more easier it gets for you and know your customer.



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