Facebook versus Google Important AdRank Auction Factors

Facebook V/S Google: Important AdRank Auction

Factors [Infographics]

Here I am gonna walk you through on “Important Factors of Facebook versus Google AdRank Auction” through Infographics.

Many Entrepreneurs/businessmen promote their business using Google Adwords as part of their advertising strategy, but many are still using Facebook Ads. An Infographic from Ice Cube Marketing compares the two platforms facebook v/s Google, which perhaps not surprisingly– have some similarities.

For instance, each is bidding-style platform and bids may be manual or automated. Moreover, both platforms concede relevance while showing ads.

To explore the ad auction factors for Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, check out the comparison in the following infographics. Simply tap or snap to see a bigger variant.

Facebook versus Google Important AdRank Auction Factors