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Apple’s Marketing Approach

What different Apple does in its Marketing approach?

Apple has always been a trendsetter in the field of technology. Its dominance in the market is extraordinary.

So what is there which makes apple so special?  What is it that makes this brand coveted? Why it is so successful since decades?

This article will precisely tell you about what apple does differently in its Marketing approach.

Jonathan Ive, chief design office of Apple said, “If we can’t make something’s better – we won’t do it”.

Apple did not invent anything.  Apple was not the pioneer in introducing any product. It was not even the first to introduce personal computer but it was behind the successfully produced microcomputers which were Apple II and Macintosh.

However they were soon overpowered by the IBM’s personal computers. After that Since 1997, when Steve Jobs returned to the role of CEO of apple, he took an aggressive lead in marketing those Products. Lets look at the key strategies of Apple since then.

5 Key Marketing Approach of Apple

If we look closely at the business strategy of Apple, it has always been different and unique from every other brand in its pool.

Pricing Strategy

While starting a venture, everyone thinks that they have to compete on Price. Jonathan Ive said “Steve was very clear that the Goal of Apple was not to make money”

Apple thinks the other way. It has never ever competed on price rather it focuses on how to justify that price. Therefore people are ready to buy an Apple device for $1000 over an android device worth $500.

Simplistic Design and Interface

I have been an Iphone user for months and believe me there is nothing more simpler than an Iphone. Apple believes in keeping things simple.

It Suggests that less is more.

“Simplicity is the final achievement.”

There is only one model which is either Iphone, Ipad or Mac. Moreover the functionality of each device is same. We don’t need any manual to use it, just charge and get going.

Apple Talks to People in their language

Apple knows its audience very well. It understands how to communicate with its audience in a way they will understand.

For example, if you look at Iphone X latest advertisement it says “Bring studio in your pocket”.

It doesn’t talk about its specifications and some technical stuff, it tells you how you can make your life better with Apple devices.

Customer Relation

If we talk about promotional strategies of Apple, its awesome and we have experienced it as well.

When you go into an Apple store, you will feel great the moment you enter, you feel privileged and sophisticated. We have previously talked about building relation with customer its the backbone of any business. Apple’s customer care is something no one can match.

Dynamic behaviour

Steve job, while taking on Apple’s biggest rival Samsung, once said “no one would want to buy a phone with big screen” but he proved himself wrong when Apple first launched iphone with screen size of 4.7″ and 5.5″.

He did not let his ego come in between what people wanted. They wanted big bright screen for all new exclusive experience.

Apple has always been open to changes which has contributed a lot in making Apple itself a Giant in the Industry.

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