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Apple-Samsung patent Lawsuit

Apple sues Samsung once again for patent infringement

Apple and Samsung have been tied up in litigation for quite a long time now.

A US court has at last requested that Samsung pay $539 million to Apple for replicating licensed iPhone plans, after the two giants got entrapped in a fight in court in 2011. Apple wins $539 millions from Samsung in most recent part of continuous patent trial.

Whats the fight for?

The fight is basically based on copying the Apple design and utility patents by Samsung.

The design licenses are for a dark, rectangular, round-cornered front face (D’677); a comparative rectangular round-cornered front face in addition to the encompassing edge, known as the bezel (D’087); and a brilliant lattice of symbols (D’305).

The utility licenses are the ‘381 patent, which covers Apple’s “elastic band” bob back impact when clients look to the base of a window; and the ‘163 patent, which covers “contact to-zoom” that gives a client a chance to expand and focus segments of a Web page, photograph or archive.

Arguments by both the parties


Samsung will contend that the components it encroached were only a minor piece of the phone. Here’s a less demanding approach to consider that perspective: If an organization claims a patent on only an auto’s container holder, it shouldn’t have the capacity to gather the benefit from the whole auto. A few evaluations say in excess of 250,000 licenses go into a cell phone. The first punishment was based on the estimation of the whole Samsung phone.


Apple, in the mean time, will try to demonstrate that in light of the fact that a Samsung gadget encroached some portion of the iPhone’s design, Samsung should pay harms in view of the estimation of its whole gadget. That is on the grounds that, Apple will argue, that if one phone’s outline is like an iPhone, Apple could lose the deal to its competitors. Apple needs to gather the majority of Samsung’s benefits on the long-old cell phones that encroached.


Impact of Apple Samsung Lawsuit

They are the top 2 tech-giants in the industry.

Hence the ongoing Patent lawsuit will now set a benchmark for all the tech-firms about the value of the design or utility patent Infringement.


Concluding the article, although apple wins this lawsuit- if you all think this war has ended, it hasn’t. Will keep you updated…..

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