Marketing is the way of awareness of products to the customer.

What is Marketing?

What is Marketing?



Its literal meaning is to promote sales.

When we go out in the market for a response on Marketing. We here the following common response:-

a. Marketing is sales

b. It is all about advertisements

c. It is more related to promotions.

Yes, Marketing is related to the sales. In fact, if a product is your car, marketing is its engine and finance is the fuel. However, it has got a broader meaning to itself as to what drives it.

6 Factors driving the product in the Market to improve the sales

1. Uniqueness

It’s a human psychology, we get bored with same kind of things. So whatever the product is, it should have something unique and attractive.

2. Quality

This is one of the things which actually differentiates one product from the other.

3. Trust

This is built with the accountability of the product after the sales.

4. Economy

It should be available to almost all the classes of the society

5. Accountability

The greater the responsibility, larger the accountability.

6. Helpful

The product should be according to the need and the demand of the person.

Reality of Marketing

Marketing is not just sales, it’s not about selling the services and the products by getting after your lives.

From a broader perspective marketing is a huge domain. In my opinion, marketing is understanding the need of a person, researching and understanding what exactly they want which will bring the smile on their faces.

It’s about fully satisfying the expectation of a person pre- and post sales.

It’s about delivering the high-quality unique product or services which is worth recommending.

Competing for Attention

According to Tristan Harris-

“He says all the big firms in the world are competing for that one thing- your attention

He further explains how these companies play with your psychology for their own profit and calls for a design renaissance in which our technology instead encourages us to live out the timeline we want.”

Folks just keep in mind when you are promoting you are going to pull some bucks out of buyers pocket, so you need to understand it should draw their attention as to what they want from the product when they are buying it.

Marketing is also letting the audience know that you exist and to show your presence in the market you should be able to think out of the box, you should be creative and innovative.


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