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Targeting the Right Audience

What is a Target Audience?

Let me explain you in a very simple language, a Target audience is a limited group of people who take interest in your product or services. No business can be for everyone.

target audience

If your business deals with Toys your target audience would be kids below 10 years of age. If your business is related to air fresheners your audience would be people above 25 or married people.

People have different views, you cannot please each and everyone. Its okay if you are targeting a certain type of people because it is all about building that connection with the customer. We build the connection when we focus on the right kind of audience.

Why is it important?

When you know your target you are more likely to hit the Bull’s eye.

targeting the right audience

Moreover deciding the audience makes it easier for the marketers to do their research.

Understanding and knowing your audience gives you the following benefits…

  • Right content for the right segment
  • Better marketing strategy
  • Focused goal

How to find the right audience?

It is the first step in any business. For example, when you start a business you just don’t start right away, before anything you have the following two questions on your mind:

  1. Purpose of the business
  2. Who you are targeting

Based on the above questions you plan your promotional strategies for the right section of the people.

Target audience deals with the characteristics of a human behaviour which is complex. Let us understand the factors which help you in deciding the right audience:

  • Demographics 

    You need to understand the age, gender, income, education, occupation. All these analyses will take some time but will be very useful in the long run for your business.

  • Lifestyle  

    Give a thought to what are the conditions people live in. How is their culture, background? Are the people spendthrift or conservative with money?

  • USP(Unique selling proposition) 

    People like unique and exclusive things. Identify your USP which will attract your audience.

  • Analyse your Audience 

    People get bored soon so keep analyzing your audience. Therefore take feedbacks, research and try making changes to your product to make it more appealing.


It’s not hard to find the right audience. Finding the right audience has been in our instinct since we were kids for example whenever we wanted something we reached out to our mothers instead of our fathers.

So keep the above points in mind and grow your business.






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