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Human Psychology in Marketing

How Human Psychology Works ?

If we look at the way humans behave to certain things and situations, we can easily distinguish that people react to things in a different manner. Moreover it is very interesting to know how the human mind works to various colours, shapes, blocks etc.

Human Psychology in Marketing

Hence the Knowledge of consumer psychology is very much needed. So in this article we will explain you certain scenarios to which human mind works unusually.

One of a good example I would share through my experience is whenever I go for shopping I am often overwhelmed with so many options that I don’t buy anything. This is also known as Analysis Paralysis, where you prefer not taking any decision over taking a tough decision.


6 Key Things which Influences Customers


Whenever we purchase something from the market we do a lot of research. We search on internet, we consult our relatives, we compare. The awareness has increased so much that people can buy your product or render your services at any point of time.

Therefore it becomes our responsibility to provide them with the right information.

It feels good when someone is loyal and transparent to you.

Also make sure that you are not bombarding them with information. Keep it simple and short.


As discussed in our past article Targeting the right audience when we sell the services to a concentrated group, we build a connection with their emotion.

Always try to make a Relationship with clients besides just selling the product. This will help you in the long run.


Everyone has an aesthetic sense in themselves. It makes us feel good. This is one of the major reason why we buy any product, because it looks good to us.

Every beautiful thing needs an appreciation. We appreciate by purchasing the product and showing it off.

It is Interesting to know how people’s psychology differs with slight variation in font or the colour of the product. For example, the colour red Signifies Power and boldness, the colour blue shows trustfulness and authenticity.

Have you ever seen a website which is full of Green colour? what it makes you think of?

Yes, exactly, your instinct unconsciously thinks of serenity or something related to environment. So this is how our psychology works.


Here I can explain you a very good scenario of subscribing to any website.

What happens when you go to a website and you want to subscribe, you only wish there were limited contact fields to fill in.

Our mind has the tendency to simplify the complexity. Conversions come through simplistic designs.

Nudge effect

Everyone needs motivation. So does the customers. We all find it difficult to take decisions sometimes. There is a very interesting topic on “Nudge Theory”

Nudge is a concept in marketing which influences people to take action for their benefit.

Urinal Flies are the well known examples of the Nudge psychology which reduced the spillage on bathroom floors by 80%.

Nudge in simpler terms is making it easier for them to take decision or take action. For example Spain is the largest organ donation country due to its opt-out policy.

Loss Apprehension

If we look at how people behave during a loss or a gain, we will find that the impact of a Loss is far greater than the equivalent impact of Gain.

Hence always empasize on what people are losing by not doing what they should do.


We hope this article will enable you all to take better decision in your start-up or business.


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