How to increase Facebook page likes using 2 images trick
How to Increase your facebook Page Likes

How to increase Facebook page likes using 2 images trick

In this post, I am going to share you a tip on “how to increase the Facebook page likes without paid ads”.

Let’s get started

If you work on Facebook Marketing. This trick will help you to increase Facebook page likes.

I think you must have read multiple articles related to increase facebook page likes. If you didn’t read

Here I explain here:

Let’s suppose that you want to promote your fitness related product on Facebook without any paid ads. first thing to do that is your post to achieve maximum reach.

How to get more reach to people on Facebook

To max reach you need to follow these steps:

1.Join the niche group

Eg: Join groups related to fitness/health.

2. Use relevant & informative pics, GIF pics, Memes, Info graphics, video and many more entertaining contents to engage the audience.

3. Content should be fresh & unique.

and now I come to the trick

How to get more likes on Facebook page


Whenever you create the post using single post and share on multiple niche group. Added member of other group like on post not like on your post’s image.

Difference b/w group member’s post who share their page and official page’s account post

Group member’s post who shared your page’s post

Official page’s post


Use two images while creating the post and make sure images should be informative and attractive.

Share that post on joined multiple niche groups.

If you share business page’s post on multiple groups. whosoever is member of particular group that he/she does like on your post as showing in pic (a) that you wouldn’t get any notification to invite those people who have liked your post. let’s suppose If any member of particular group until he/she does like, comment, share on your business’s page post like this

If group members do like, comment and share like this

You will get notified through Facebook

Hence you can easily invite them who have liked, commented or shared on your post.

Here you can easily invite the people without any paid ads.

I think you might have cleared about this trick if not.

Write your query on comment section. I will get back to you asap.

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