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How to Get A Job in Digital Marketing

If you are a beginner or experienced holder in Digital Marketing. So this article for you must read it.

How to get a job in Digital Marketing

How to get a job in digital marketing

Are you facing difficulties to get the job in digital marketing?

In this article, I am gonna share you about my past experiences what I faced a lot of things to get the job in Digital Marketing?

So Here  I will explain you step by step about the real cause of facing the challenges to get the job in Digital Marketing.

First of all, you need to understand today’s scenario which is going on into the market.  What kind of Digital strategies are using?

Today’s companies which expect you as Digital Marketing Exe/Manager

* Must have various your own marketing strategies.

* Must have some basic knowledge of images editing & video editing.

* Must have strong expertise in two or more digital techniques like (SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, AFFILIATE, SMM, e-Mail Marketing ) for executive but manager must have expertise in all techniques.

*Must have knowledge of analytics skills.

Now I come to the next point

Learning From Your Past Interview :

Basically, I have learnt from my past Interview so far, that I am going to share you all.

Before going to the interview, set your Mind and whatever you have made marketing strategies so far, note down them with step by step on the notepad which would be very helpful to crack your interview.

For Seo

If you are going to a SEO profile, you must be prepared the answering for these questions like

fundamental of SEO & SEO Techniques,

How to get more traffic organically,

What are your own strategies, How different techniques from others?

SEO Updations, SEO Algorithms,  Html and Css?


For Paid Marketing (PPC)

Be prepared the answering for these questions like

*Google Campaign Setup process

*Google Campaign bidding optimization

*Google ad optimization

*Google Campaign budget

*Google ads Remarketing

*Google Shopping Campaigns

*Google ROAS Bids Strategy


For Social Media Marketing

*How to maximize your ad post reach?

*How to boost facebook reach?

*What are the strategies to generate leads on facebook?

*What are the social media tools to managing posts?

*How to allocate a budget for social media advertising?




In this post, I have shared about my past experience related to finding the job which I faced. Hope you understand now. What companies actually expect us and what do they ask in the interview.

I will share a post of digital marketing interview (Q & A) in an upcoming post.

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